New! Custom Sets in the CGC Registry

10/31/2014 - CGC has announced a major enhancement of the CGC Comics Registry with the introduction of Custom Sets. The new feature allows each collector to define their set's theme and determine which comics are eligible.
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Congratulations, 2014 CGC Registry Award Winners!

7/25/2014 - We would like to thank all of the CGC Registry participants and congratulate everyone on their individual accomplishments in every set.
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CGC Launches New Restoration and Conservation Labels

5/23/2014 - Since CGC’s inception over 14 years ago, the market for restored comics has matured, creating the need for a broader, more sophisticated standard of grading.
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NGC-certified Eric P. Newman, Part IV Realizes $11 Million

5/20/2014 - The 1776 Silver Continental Dollar graded NGC MS 63 sold for $1,410,000, or nearly triple the previous auction record for a Continental Dollar.
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NGC Grades Extremely Rare 1876 Fractional Gold Piece

5/13/2014 - The 1876 Octagonal California Fractional Gold 25 Cent BG-799GG variety features a reverse that was unknown until 2009.
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NGC Grades Unique 2010 John Lennon Gold 5 Pound

5/13/2014 - NGC has certified a PF 69 Ultra Cameo gold striking of the Alderney 2010 John Lennon 5 Pound coin.
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